Actor Testimonials

Tamara D.

Santa Monica, CA

"Noel is not only a talented actor but he understands that this is a BUSINESS. His approach not only opened me up to explore technique outside my comfort zone but his brazen "tell it like it is" approach helped to secure me a new agent! Noel delivers RESULTS."

Ethan D. 10 yrs

Los Angeles, CA

"Noel Arthur Is A Five Star Amazing Coach!  My son Ethan attened 8 weeks of intensive workshops/coaching and afterwards, landed a very good Talent Agent on the Spot! Noel is super organized, has a detailed structured plan that empowers his students." May your glass be half full- Sequita D. (Ethan's Mom)

Tannisse J. 16 yrs

Palmdale, CA

"Working with Noel Arthur is a great experience. He is teaching me how to break out of my shell and pushes me to perform at my best."

Sasha B.

Ventura, CA

"Noel Arthur has the knowledge, skill, and passion to bring your work to the next level, no matter where you are at in your career. He will help you conquer your fears and give you the tools you need to succeed in the industry. His workshop is notable because it not only addresses technique, but also focuses on the business side of acting, a vital and all too misunderstood aspect of this career. You will learn the answers to such burning questions as how to network, market yourself, and get an agent. Even after completing the course, Noel makes himself available to his students on an ongoing basis to support, inspire, and motivate you to chase your goals. Noel believes in you more than you believe in yourself, and that is the kind of coach most actors can only dream of." 

Dora K.

Los Angeles, CA

Michelle S.

Los Angeles, CA

"Noel pushed me beyond my comfort zone, held me accountable to the goals I set for myself, and got me over my fears of those 'follow up calls,' which landed me a commercial agent! Thanks, Noel. "

Rosalia R.

Orange County, CA

"Noel is a true professional and a delight with whom to work. He easily merges the creative and business aspects of acting. He helped my daughter gain a better understanding of what is needed to be successful today, and, in the future. "

Christel F.

Los Angeles, CA

"I was struggling with my acting career and didn't know what to do. So I signed up for one of Noel's one-on-one coaching packages. So funny, but through his intense work techniques on what you want for your career, how to visualize it and create action steps to get there, I realized it wasn't acting it was organizing. Now I run my own home organizing/decluttering business and was just recently featured on Good Morning America. If it wasn't for Noel I would still be floating around out there wondering what to do next. Noel is a great coach and motivator for all aspects of your life! I highly recommend him."

Sarah M

Seattle, WA

"Working with Noel is a great way to make the transition from acting for the stage to acting for film. In a fun, supportive, and insightful way,he helped me solidify my goals and hone my technique. I signed with an agent very soon after our sessions. I cannot recommend him enough."

Mary B.

Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Noel was life-changing. His positive attitude and determination were so inspiring! I'm excited all over again for my career, and feel like I have the tools to reach my goals!"

Eddie M.

Los Angeles, CA

"Noel helped me to get back on track after a long time of spinning my wheels. He helped me to brand myself, set goals, and target agents. I quickly signed with an agent across the board. He also helped to get me my up to speed and gave me some gentle nudges to move forward. I highly recommend him! But if you're like most people, you 'll put it off. What a shame."

Stephen B.

Downtown, LA

"Noel Arthur's workshop has provided me with the confidence and practical tools to actually get things done in this business in a step by step manner. I recommend it to all actors, whether seasoned or just starting." 

Frank U.

Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Noel has been a breath of fresh air for me. I'm literally getting out of career limbo and keeping positive that things are going to get better. He's really down to earth, supportive, and FUN in his approach and I am forever grateful for it. I look forward to what's in store in the future."

Julia C.

Los Angeles, CA

"You know when you look in the mirror and you notice something is off, yet you are just not quite sure what it is? Or you go to the hair salon and the barber gives you a cut and a style and you’re like “So THAT’S what that brush is for!”? Well, enter Noel. He saw my blockage. After our first meeting, I wanted the classes to be over already so I could get started. I couldn’t wait to start reading this new book of knowledge!

Within the first class I was assessing and learning about the industry back roads, taking the scenic route of learning rather than standing in the same place where I had missed the bus. He provided me with a pass to the acting world and didn’t make me sit with the smelly nose-picker. He provided me with tips and tools that had taken him years and perhaps many classes, gathered into uniform befitted to my measurements and then parlayed that lesson into his assessment of my goals. Through simple questions he evoked reasons, reasons that fuel and drive, providing a sense of purpose. 

Goals, business orientation, industry references, exemplifying uniqueness, became focal points during our sessions. Being able to discuss one-on-one allotted him the ability to see me as a person with a soul and mind, not another face in the crowd with Times New Roman font. Personal struggles were topics that strengthened understandings within. His classes gave me direction, insight, and motivation. Noel challenged me to be what I am: an Actor.

This industry is unique and it deserves that sort of attention. This class provides that unique sort of individualized attention. What was my block, ahem, blocks (actually probably a whole brick building) may not be another’s and since the class is directed for unique and unspecified approach, it allows for different steps and stairwells to be traveled. The rooftop awaits and when its time to jump, fly. 


Noel has continued to check in on me, noting that as the industry changes so do the terms, he provides a sincere desire to keep his students abreast of upcoming and forthcoming opportunities. "



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