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It's that time of year again! As in, the last day of the year when an abundance of New Year's resolutions (or their antitheses) abound. Who's in to bust the gut, or read this many books or make this much by December 2022. Then there're others who argue goals, new year mantras, etc., are just a set up for expectational failure around March Madness. More conservative affirmation supporters believe rather than using the new year as a reset, we should have more consistently maintainable benchmarks, year round.

I, for one, have a tent firmly erected in the end-of-year manifestation camp! I like the turning over of all the zero's. Of an opportunity to restart. To get another crack at undershot objectives that align with the incoming calendar. But I am conscious not to frame new aspirations in terms of an outgoing period of sum total disappointment; there is always something learnable, to build upon from the experiences that have tested us. Even if it's a lesson of negative reward. So I encourage you all not to discard any precious time in your life as absolutely valueless.

For instance, New Year's Eve 2020, saw so many posts commenting on how much of a dumpster fire it had been (and how awesome 2021 would be). Now I'm reading pervasive repeat sentiments of how 2021 was a compounded trash conflagration of 365 days. I'll admit, it was in many ways, challenging. But what if it, or any previously arduous years, actually weren't as crappy as perceived?

I'd like to offer that as we go into 2022, instead of looking to the external environment for better times, delve inward. In her book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE, Louise Hay says, this present moment, with this present thought, is the most empowering tool you have to change your own life. We have unlimited, potential opportunities at every moment to have a new year, a new month, a new day, a new personhood and a new life. Reframing how we perceive our thoughts, and as a result, our needs, are vital in accomplishing everything we want.

Hay says that instead of thinking of how much weight we need to loose, think about how slender we're becoming. Versus thinking broke thoughts, envision paying off debts. And rather than being self-deprecating, appreciate the uniqueness of yourself by celebrating how far you've come with the tools bequeathed to you by your family of origin. Good and bad.

Underlying pro/con new year affirmation talk, is again, our need for change. To become a YOU 2.0...The major point of contention then, is execution. We're all different, with different desires. But what an amazing time to positively challenge ourselves to strive for more excellence? Where better a place than when professed aloud in public, as a method of group accountability. Or into a quiet altar candle at one minute to midnight? Regardless, I believe there's power and merit in joining in on the global intentionality of rebirth at this time. Here also, is when we get to shed our thoughts of failure and our inability to forgive others- and ourselves- with the dying year.

So here's hoping you do have a mantra, a goal, or a vision for yourself in 2022, today. If not, there's always tomorrow (And tomorrow's tomorrow). And after any missed goals, next New Year's. But right now. In this present breath. What do you want for yourself that fear has kept you from realizing? Go forward and manifest the best you, RIGHT NOW with joy!

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