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A One Page Sci-Fi Odyssey

Updated: Jan 1

I read an article comment recently about 2020 being every Dystopian Movie/ Extinction Level Event/Conspiracy Theory plot actualizing. As I am a sci-fi movie nerd, I think I’ll try to work through this literally. Here goes!

So there’s a viral OUTBREAK causing the disease specialists to try and stop the CONTAGION. Blame is thrown around at a global level on who’s responsible for the PLANDEMIC as society deteriorates. Yes, the new normal is marked by some STRANGE DAYS. And just half way through 2020, the majority of the world’s asking for a TOTAL RECALL on the year.

Facial coverings and the QUARANTINE didn’t happen in time for many Mets fans to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. And a false sense of accomplished, best practices also made Los Doyers lovers miss their chance to ESCAPE FROM LA. It wasn’t Fauci’s fault. Yet those (literally) dying for freedom haircuts have been showing this DOCTOR STRANGELOVE.

Conflicting ideologies, a lack of leadership and empathy has made America unable to flatten the curve. Many question if THIS IS THE END? And truly, have we lost sight of God and become CHILDREN OF MEN? It really is a BLACK MIRROR being held up to society right now. Others wonder if this ANDROMEDA STRAIN could have been prevented if someone had just looked into the president’s eyes and seen it was THE DEAD ZONE. Now many a TRUE BELIEVER has started quoting scripture – from THE BOOK OF ELI to Revelation.

On top of the FALLOUT of viral spread, George Floyd’s murder has created a DEEP IMPACT in the already fragile country, polarizing pro-civil rights groups against whites that think saying Black Lives Matter will bring about ARMAGEDDON. But now, for the first time in history, you don’t have to witness a majority MINORITY REPORT on injustice as non-BIPOC’s GET OUT and put their bodies on the line for US. Meanwhile, the real threat of ANNIHILATION will center around November's elections, as the president says (on whether he’ll accept losing), that he’ll “Think about it.”

And as more US cities pit defenders of love, equal rights and social justice against militarized black ops, camera wearing, ROBOCOP's in unmarked vans, like it’s 1984, the world onlooks at this un-united ANIMAL FARM from its digital DOMAIN; leaderless, morale-lesser and wonder which dystopic future we’ll eventually end up in; TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY, or an IZOMBIE, or a VAN HELSING (SyFY Channel version)? Or maybe the VIRUS will just, y’know, disappear, like the president says. I doubt that will be THE HAPPENING. But if it did, maybe the best of the worst futures would lead us down a path to more social media apathy, leaving us like spineless WALL-E flowers.

But maybe we’ll find a sensible voice within all this IDIOCRACY, who will right this country before next INDEPENDENCE DAY– I’m not saying it’s got to be Will Smith (‘cuz he’s entangled up enough right now in THE MATRIX that anybody could snatch his celebritydom and say “I AM LEGEND!”) No, our savior won’t be Will. It might need to be A BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET. Because maybe that STARMAN would be on a righteous WAVELENGTH.

I know that sounds pretty out there. But I’ve heard STRANGER THINGS. Like the Second Coming. Maybe we’re not looking for THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE. Y’know, JC. Maybe it’ll be your average Christoper Johnson from DISTRICT 9. Or maybe a simple run-of-the-mill politician with a name like PAUL or Joe. I don’t know…Anyone will be better than THE PREDATOR-In-Chief right now.

All I know is that we all might be SEEKING A FRIEND AT THE END OF THE WORLD soon. If we can’t G.I.T. we might need to make CONTACT with the ALIENS and take a STAR TREK across INTERSTELLAR space. But they’ll probably fear we’ll create conflict and start some sorta STAR WARS (And they’d be right).

So first we need to realize that we’re at our CHILDHOOD’S END as a species. If spiritual EVOLUTION doesn’t happen for us at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the STARGATE of opportunity for TRANSCENDENCE will pass us by as the EVENT HORIZON of entropy leaves us mourning for our civilization, from an ABYSS of women and MEN IN BLACK.

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